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Timotteo (tango)
Next shows: On March 11th Timotteo will play together with Jazzist Harry Waters, son of Roger Waters who plays keyboards on Water's band since 2002. We will make a show together with Harry in the ND/Ateneo theatre. The only show that will let the audience be so close to the artists. Ver Nota

News: Timotteo also will be features in Harry's new CD were he will play "Libertango" and "Violentango" together with Timotteo. Those famouse classic of Astor Piazzolla will achieve a unique relevance in the ND/Ateneo. You already know, March 11th. 20:30 ND Ateneo Paraguay 918. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. You can get yout tickets with Plateanet (5236-3000) or

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